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More sponsors needed for Sharing Families

As December approaches, the Sharing Families Project is making a plea for sponsors to “adopt” families.

As of Wednesday morning, families and work groups had stepped forward to help 31 of the 50 families the project aims to help each year. At this point, 19 families remain “unadopted.”

The remaining families range in size from two to seven people and include two-parent families and single-mom families.

“Each year we aim to have all 50 families sponsored by Dec. 1 which gives sponsors two weeks to shop,” said Judy Wiff, chairperson of the non-profit's board of directors. 

“We very much appreciate those who have already come forward to sponsor a family or families, but we really need more help,” she added.

Thanks to generous donations from businesses, loyal donors and carry-over funds, the project has enough money to buy the groceries it promises to each of its recipient families. But getting the clothing and toys the families want will be more difficult.

The program is based at the River Falls Journal, 2815 Prairie Drive, River Falls.

These are some examples of the families remaining: 

  • A single mom with two little boys. The family had been homeless but recently found housing.
  • A couple with five small children, including a teen and a toddler.
  • A couple with five children, all under the age of 10. The dad was injured this summer and has not yet been able to return to work.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Sponsor a family or child and buy the items they have requested. Those who decide to do that are asked to call the 715-426-1054 or email
  • Add a child to your shopping list and buying a new toy, game or outfit for that 


  • Make a donation of money to buy food, toys and clothing. (No cash will be given to families.)